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On behalf of our client, Steinemann company, specialized in the field of metal production, Manpower Serbia is searching for a motivated candidate to take the challenge and successfully fulfill the position of Accountant.

Job description
▪ Keeps records of financial transactions 
▪ Stores, verifies and allocates financial documents, such as sales slips, invoices, receipts, check stubs, and computer printouts,
▪ Summarizes details in separate ledgers or computer files and transfers data to general ledger, using calculator or computer,
▪ Reconciles and balances accounts,
▪ Compiles reports to show statistics, such as cash receipts and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss, and other items pertinent to operation of business,
▪ Calculates employee wages from plant records or time cards and prepare checks for payment of wages In coordinaton with HR Clerk
▪ Prepares  and submits withholding, Social Security, and other tax reports,
▪ Computes, types, and mails monthly statements to customers,
▪ Receives and issues accounting documents, viewing them, and enter them into the appropriate business books,
▪ Follows the acquisition of property, equipment and other fixed assets, deposits and withdrawals to the bank account, purchases and sales of goods and services, loans,
▪ Prepares accounting statements,
▪ Controls the accounting data which includes verification of the regularity of operations and the removal of the irregularities,
▪ Checks the compliance of data in ledgers,
▪ Verifies and evaluates the effectiveness of computer programs and takes care of insurance against illegal or unauthorized intervention,
▪ Manages treasury and books of the Company,
▪ Design and Execution of employee development programme.
▪ Leads and trains qualified employees towards a standard or to fulfilment of requirements
▪ Performs any other tasks as requested by Finance and Controlling Manager and General Manager in the context of its workplace, and in accordance with the law.
▪ Bachelor degree in Economics, Finances or Accounting, VI2 or VII1 level of education,
▪ At least 3 - 5 years of working experience on the same or similar position
▪ Ability to calculate, post and manage accounting figures and financial records
▪ Intermediate level of English
▪ Knowledge of MS Office, advanced Excel
▪ High degree of accuracy and attention to detail
▪ Knowledge on related laws and regulations
▪ Administrative Writing Skills and Reporting Skills
▪ Hands-on experience with spreadsheets and proprietary software
▪ Ability to work with minimal supervision, efficiently schedule and manage time
▪The following skills: Responsibility, Managing Processes, Organization,
▪Analysing Information, Professionalism, Problem Solving, Supply Management, Inventory Control.
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Molimo prijavite se ili registrujte se kako biste aplicirali za ovaj posao.